who we are

6 Pack Snacks founder Joe Gould was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition back in 2009. In and out of hospital, getting nowhere and struggling on all the harsh medication that was making the condition worse as well as bringing other complications, Joe sought a more natural approach to relieving the symptoms. After contacting a South African doctor called Jon Morley that was once based in Waterford, Joe was recommended a book called the autoimmune solution. Joe came off all his medication and dropped refined sugar, gluten and dairy from his diet on the books instruction. That put Joe into remission and he hasn’t taken any medication since. Joe’s love for sweet treats left him with no choice but to start making his own sugar free, gluten free and dairy free snacks. After years of perfecting the difficult task of making these snacks taste as good as regular snacks, Joe launched 6 Pack Snacks in 2017.

We also have a variety of keto diet options, which you can check here at MyKeto.

To maintain our quality, we take our customer’s feedback very seriously, so if you have any questions or feedback please, Contact Us anytime.